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In humanity's war on wildlife, I side with the sitting ducks.



Healing  Our World - Winter 2011-12 issue. 


Photo essay about my befriending a family of deer. One reason I neglected to mention in the article in regards to why they accepted me into their world is that as a vegan I do not smell like a predator, as deers' sense of smell is their most acute sensory perception. (Carnivores all stink!)



Healing Our World - Fall 2012 issue.


Photo by the author. Being vegetarian is not the best action you can do to save the Planet Earth. It is the third best. Second best is to eliminate or reduce your use of the automobile. And best is to have no children. Because a No Child consumes less than a Veg Child. 

FISH - The Other Fright Meat    (1MB PDF)


Healing Our World - The Magazine of Hippocrates Health Institute - Summer 2012


Among the other contributors to this issue devoted to why not to eat fish is Jonathan Safran Foer, the author of several novels and of Eating Animals

ROADKILL: Driving Animals to their Graves      (3MB PDF)


Animals Issues cover story - Fall 1998 issue. 


Photos by the author, among which is the swan in this icon. Includes a contribution by Merritt Clifton, editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE, who also is devoted to the unpopular issue of roadkill.   




East West Journal (now called Natural Health) - February 1990 issue. 


EAST WEST was the finest holistic magazine of its time. A testament to its quality is the beautiful and compelling graphic by Adele Maestranzi [mizadelem [at] verizon.net] that illustrates my article. Reproduced above with Adele's kind permission.

All current and back issues of this Canadian-based international journal are available at THE TRUMPETER's website. 

 The BEAST in the BELLY: How Our Food Choices Affect Wildlife      (300K PDF)


The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy (Eco-Philosophy) web reprint of Fall 1990 issue. 


The full-length version of the article directly above that appeared in EAST WEST. For this issue about Wildlife, I  was guest editor. (How else could I slip in my own article alongside those of Tom Regan and David Abram and Jim Nollman?)


(700K PDF)


Country Connections  - November 1995 issue.


Recounts my daring exploits as a hunt sabber, including how as a lone cripple with crutches in my hands I was arrested for harassing four hunters with guns in theirs.




Lomakatsi - Spring 1989 issue 


Photo of my home in a nature preserve. The sign in the photo states: "Insect Refuge -- KEEP OUT -- Beware of Doberman Mosquitoes."  Farmers and gardeners wage war against wildlife. Sidebar poem by Antler, my favorite living poet. 

Healing  Our World - Winter 2014-15 issue.


Issue theme of Family & Children somewho saw fit to provide me with a forum to advocate against human over-population. This relates to WILDLIFE because we are crowding out all other species in order to burden the planet with our own.

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