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Mark Mathew Braunstein


It’s High Time to Grow Your Own Cannabis


My Opinion essay published as "Growing Pains" in January 2022 in glossy glitzy ritzy monthly Connecticut Magazine. 


... and as "High Time ..." in the Nov15, 2021, CT Mirror

... and as "High Time ..." in the Nov12, 2021, issues of 19 (yes, 19) Connecticut newspapers, including one with CT’s 2nd largest circulation, Connecticut Post




The number-one health tip for cannabis smokers is also the easiest.

Spirit of Change magazine - Spring 2020 issue

also view or download from the magazine's website 

BIBLIOGRAPHY  for the studies cited 

PLAYING with FIRE   ( 450K PDF )

Upgrade your ignition system with safer alternatives


WEED WORLD magazine - Fall 2022 issue

British cannabis magazine published since 1991

adapted from Chapter 2 of my book, Mindful Marijuana Smoking


reprinted in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of  Spirit of Change

cannabis leaf



(470K PDF)


Treating Yourself: The Alternative Medicine Journal  - 8 page feature article in the Fall 2008 issue 

Czech translation web reprint here


Full issues in English (seek Fall 2008, issue #13,):

Issue #13 (pages 55-61) directly:



56-minute video
56 minute video by the
New England Medical Cannabis Support Group

My talk about 10 ways to reduce the health risks of smoking marijuana

3-minute video

3 minute video by the

Wall Street Journal, 

demonstrating my technique of smoking pot by using a candle to light toothpicks to fire up a pipe of cannabis


read the WSJ article here 

unless access is money-walled, in which case you can access it by searching for the November 14, 2014, article, "In Connecticut, Medical-Pot Program Draws Mixed Reviews"

photo of Mark Braunstein

Article (about me, not by me)

Connecticut Magazine, April 2019
cover story about Cannabis in Connecticut,
in which I am profiled as an example of 1 of over 30,000 licensed patients in CT

RESOURCES other than my own

The Great Marijuana Hoax  by Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg's generation's first manifesto advocating the legalization of cannabis. Published in 1966, this Poet on Pot was 50 years ahead of his time.

I disclaim any ownership of copyright, but provide this 400K PDF solely as a public service to disseminate Ginsberg's prophecy about cannabis.


Authorship of this 44-page booklet is shrouded in mystery because it was published in 1977 during the deep freeze of the War on (Some) Drugs. Peter Oakum is a pseudonym. It is assumed he is sadly now deceased, else he would have divulged his identity during our liberation from prohibition. I disclaim ownership of copyright, but provide this 6MB PDF solely as a public service to disseminate the author's expertise in growing cannabis outdoors in cold climates.