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Vegetarianism in art

Edward Hicks Peaceable Kingdom
Edward Hicks Peaceable Kingdom



Human exploitation of animals for food as depicted in European and American painting. So this is also about "Meat in Art."


  • This silent slideshow PDF of 122 images is highly compressed, so pixelated, and not the high resolution that I project during live slideshows. 

  • Optimized for viewing on a 1920 x 1080 pixels monitor.

  • Cellphone junkies, you can view a 1024x768 pixel 10MB older slideshow here. 


  • Best NOT to view this PDF in your browser, instead download it to view as a slideshow with Adobe Reader.

  • Thanks to a 2019 grant provided by the Culture and Animals Foundation, this was transformed into a narrated video. See the link to YouTube at the top of this webpage.

Culture and Animals Foundation
Culture & Animals Foundation

Vegan Vegetarianism in art

Themes explored in this slideshow include:
VOLUPTAS CARNIS, canonical Latin for Beware the Perils of the Pleasures of the Flesh. By Flesh is meant sexual lust, but we secular 21st century vegheads may interpret this as meat.
CARCASS as CRUCIFIX, attributed to Christian iconography, not to vegetarian blasphemy.
A "playlist" of either the silent slideshow or the narrated video can be read in these two PDFs of:  
  • Artists 
  • Titles
  • Dates
  • Museum collections
(To reduce file size, many title slides, repeats, or details were omitted from the silent slideshow.)


artworks list
artworks listing

Artists include,

in frequency of appearance: 


  • Pieter BRUEGEL the Elder

  • Giuseppe ARCIMBOLDO

  • Pieter AERTSEN

  • Joachim BEUCKELAER

  • Sue COE

  • Hieronymous BOSCH

  • Les GRIMES

  • Winslow HOMER


  • Albert FLAMEN


  • REMBRANDT van Rijn

  • Francis BACON

  • Jacopo BASSANO

  • Edward HICKS

  • Leandro BASSANO

  • Annibale CARRACCI 

  • Bartolomeo PASSEROTTI

  • Jan BRUEGHEL the Elder


  • Honore DAUMIER

  • Chaim SOUTINE


  • Arthur Fitzwilliam TAIT

  • Jean-François MILLET

  • Vincenzo CAMPI

photo of Mark Mathew Braunstein
unseen in the video, the author with Arcimboldo looking over his shoulder
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