veganism and vegetarianism


  Restaurant Guide 

  to Connecticut  

 (east of the CT River)

dedicated to keeping the RANT in restauRANT

This is a restaurant guide to vegan and vegetarian options in carnivorous restaurants and to actual vegan and vegetarian restaurants in eastern Connecticut as far west as New Haven and Hartford. These are not merely short, snarky ratings, instead these are full-length and in-depth reviews dedicated to keeping the RANT in restauRANT.


This downloadable directory of 40 pages in intended to provide a compact guide to vegheads, while asking them to forgive my own rhetoric that ranges from hyperbole to calumny. 

VEGAN & VEGETARIAN Restaurant Options in Connecticut

EASTERN HALF of the state, including Hartford and New Haven

Keeping the RANT in RestauRANT

(40-page PDF,  2MB)

Updated June 2021


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but as one single document published HERE.


While we're here, I include eulogies for my dearly beloved but now deceased Ahimsa Restaurant in New Haven, Kong Foo Restaurant in Norwich, Kate's Cafe in Mystic, Six Main in Chester and for Cafe Live (now Cafe Dead) in Willimantic. These were all vegetarian or all vegan, so no wonder they withered and died in the vast nutritional wasteland of eastern CT.


From among the still living in eastern CT, the PDF lists and reviews these :


Darbar India – Carnivore but Vegetarian-Friendly

G-Zen – Vegan


Heirloom Food Company – almost all-Vegetarian, very Vegan-Friendly


Mei's Kitchen -- Carnivore but Veg-Friendly



Chipolte – Carnivore

Mirch Masala – Carnivore

Thai Sawasdee – Carnivore


Foodworks (food store) -- Carnivore but Veg-Friendly

Shoreline Diner & Vegetarian Enclave – Carnivore but separate small Vegan menu

Three Girls Vegan Creamery Vegan


Fire-N-Spice Restaurant – Vegan

Flora - Carnivore but very very Vegan-Friendly

Lion's Den "Vegetarian" Restaurant -- almost all-Vegetarian


Life Bowl – Vegetarian



21 Oak – Vegan


It’s Only Natural (ION) – Vegan

Forbidden City Bistro – Carnivore but separate small Vegan menu

Udupi Bhavan – Vegetaran

Tibetan Kitchen – Carnivore but Vegan-Friendly


Karma Kitchen Mystic – almost Vegetarian

Pizzetta – Carnivore but separate Vegan menu

S & P Oyster Company – Carnivore but separate small Vegan menu

New Haven:

Claire’s Cornercopia – Vegetarian

Edge of the Woods – Vegetarian

Ninth Square Market Caribbean Style – Vegan

New London:

Right Path Organic Café – Vegan

2 Wives Pizza – Carnivore but Vegan-Friendly

Fiddleheads Foods Coop – Carnivore but Veg-Friendly

Jasmine Thai – Carnivore

Saeed’s – Carnivore

The Social Bar + Kitchen – Carnivore but allegedly Veg-Friendly

Old Saybrook:

Foodworks (food store) -- Carnivore but Veg-Friendly

Shayna B's by the Sea  – Vegan

Pawcatuck & Stonington:

Dutch's – Vegan

Stonington Village Farmers Market – Carnivore but Veg-Friendly


Chang’s Garden – Carnivore but Vegan-Friendly


Not Only Juice – Vegetarian

Willimantic Food Coop – Carnivore but Veg-Friendly


Wendy's – Carnivore but offers a Vegan (and wholesome!) Baked Potato