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Microgreen Garden by Mark Mathew Braunstein



book: MICROGREEN GARDEN: Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Greens


First published 2013. How to grow microgreens at home. Photos and texts and free PDF's of instructions. This links to an entirely new website, www.microgreengarden.com


"An amazingly photographed step-by-step guide that will have you munching on self sown and grown microgreens in no time." -- Spirit of Change

Sprout Garden by Mark Mathew Braunstein



book: SPROUT GARDEN: Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Sprouts


First published 1993, revised 1999, now in its 7th printing. Also free PDFs of the SproutChart and the book's updated SOURCES chapter


“The definitive book on sprouting.” -- Vegetarian Voice

“This lighthearted yet thorough handbook … provides all you need for a lively new way to sprout.” -- Vegetarian Gourmet

Final Thoughts, book by Mark Mathew Braunstein
Final Thoughts
book: FINAL THOUGHTS: One Mortal's Quest to Laugh at Death
100 pages with 14 illustrations
Final Thoughts presents one mortal’s  quest to laugh in the face of death in a lively collection of humor, fables, essays, aphorisms, rhymes, and reason.
Good Girls on Bad Drugs, book by Mark Mathew Braunstein

book: GOOD GIRLS on BAD DRUGS: Addiction Nonfiction

First edition 2017, Revised Edition 2019

250 pages with 40 portrait photos by the author. 


Portrays the shattered lives of girls next door who became crack, coke, opioid, and heroin addicts, and who in their hustle for drugs became streetwalkers and internet escorts. In jailhouse journals, interviews, and through their photograph portraits, they confess with candor and courage to their sex work and drug crimes

“Throughout, the stylized prose is full of dramatic turns of phrase….The stories are often engaging and tragic, and the best make the most of the subjects’ own words. Some speak with a remarkable, epigraphic honesty….The act of giving voices to voiceless figures in society is an admirable one, and the book effectively calls attention to the impact of addiction in one corner of New England….An intriguing, if sometimes-garish, account of the lives of troubled sex workers.”    –- Kirkus Reviews

Radical Vegetarianism by Mark Mathew Braunstein



book: RADICAL VEGETARIANISM: A Dialectic of Diet and Ethic


First published 1981, revised 2010 for its 5th printing.  


"A remarkably intelligent book" -- The Washington Post

"If vegetarianism has its cult classic, this is it. — Animals’ Agenda

"It's the kind of book that will endure. ... it could become a classic." — Vegetarian Times

"Radical Vegetarianism was three steps ahead when first written, and still is. It’s just as  meaningful today as it was in 1981, if not more so." – Veg News, December 2011



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VEGAN Vegetarianism

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Nudes in Nature photos by Mark Mathew Braunstein

PHOTOS (Nudes in Nature)

Portfolios of photos mostly around my home in the Connecticut College Arboretum.


The DEER portfolio shows my deer neighbors in their natural setting.


The NUDES in NATURE portfolio shows my dear human neighbors in their natural setting and in their natural state, which is nude. (Actually the deer too are nude.) Lechers, be adivised, no frontal nudity here!


And the several series of SEASONS in SEQUENCE teach the ephemerality of all existence.

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vegan vegetarianism in art slideshow

Vegan Vegetarianism in Art  (aka Meat in Art)


Human exploitation of animals for food as depicted in European and American painting. Slideshow funded by a 2019 grant from the Culture and Animals Foundation.

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