9-minute VIDEO
viewable in HD & with CC
(captioning 95% accurate)
Book Trailer VIDEO
viewable in HD & with CC
(captioning 95% accurate)
Article in THE DAY,
the newspaper of the region depicted, 
about the book
Sunday, February 9, 2019
a good article with a bad photo
photo of Mark Mathew Braunstein

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47-minute RADIO
WGCH - Greenwich, CT - 1440 AM
Forensic Talk with James Campbell
Monday 6-7pm, Nov 13, 2017
WGCH interview on Forensic Talk - with James Campbell
00:00 / 00:00
33-minute RADIO
WILI - Willimantic, CT
95.3 FM (& 1400 AM)
Wayne Norman Show
Friday morning, Oct. 27, 2017
WILI interview - Wayne Norman show
00:00 / 00:00
The author in Wayne Norman's WILI recording studio.
Photo by Wayne Norman
47-minute RADIO

CRIME BEAT internet radio crime show

hosted by Ron Chepesiuk

first broadcast May 10, 2018

Crime Beat - internet radio - with Ron Chepesiuk
00:00 / 00:00
53-minute Cable TV
New London Green Party's
Thinking Green
Nov 21, 2017 talk show about the book & the politics of prohibition
(includes lo-res broadcast of the 9-minute hi-res video at the top of this webpage)

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