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good girls on bad drugs


Addiction Nonfiction in a Revised Edition

First published 2017, Revised 2019, 250 pages with 40 photos by the author. 

"Engaging and tragic." -- Kirkus Reviews

In jailhouse journals, interviews, and photos, portrays the shattered lives of drug addicts who in their hustle for drugs became streetwalkers and internet escorts. Includes chapter and jailhouse journal and 3 photos of the serial bank robber Heather Brown who robbed 9 banks.

renee pelligrino

5 Sample Chapters
in addition to the previews on Amazon & Google Books, and includes chapter and 3 photos of bank robber Heather Brown

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Of 144 different good girls on bad drugs, here are 50 of them.This link will open Social Documentary's own website. Please view this late at night, else it ruin the rest of your day.

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CAPTIONS of the photos 

as aligned with the above Social Documentary website

( 140K PDF ) 17 page listing of full captions to 57 photos

     50 PHOTOS

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